Former Olympic champion grand slam winner Britain’s Andy Murray bids player Australia’s Ashleigh Barty this big deal

Former Olympic champion and three-time Grand Slam winner Britain’s Andy Murray has said that the world’s number one female player, Australia’s Ashleigh Barty, was eliminated from the last Grand Slam US Open of the year and the players were also facing the threat of corona epidemic Can withdraw from US Open.

Barty of Australia said on Thursday that she is not comfortable about traveling to the US and is withdrawing from the US Open. The US Open is scheduled to begin on August 31. Former number one Murray told British media, “I have heard that some of the top male players are not going to play in the US Open and I think there is a possibility of Corona being behind this. To play or not to play is everyone’s personal decision. If they do not feel safe, do not feel comfortable, do not want to risk themselves and their team by traveling, then this can be understood. ”

World number one Novak Djokovic and number two Rafael fighter plane Nadal and former number one Serena Williams are going to play in the US Open Exercise tournament Western and Southern Open, this time in New York from August 20 to 28. Earlier this tournament was held in Cincinnati but due to Corona this time is going to be in New York. Both tournaments will be played without spectators.

The American Tennis Association will create an organic safety environment for these tournaments. Let us know that due to new cases of global epidemic corona virus in America, which is considered to be the world’s superpower, the number of corona infected in the country has crossed 45 lakh to 4,558,994.

According to data released by the Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE) of America’s John Hopkins University, the number of people who died of corona virus in the country has also increased to 153,311. California was most affected by this epidemic where 500,057 people have been infected so far.

In addition, 470,386 cases have been confirmed in Florida, 435,95 in Texas, 415,014 in New York, 6,352 in Georgia 18, New Jersey 181,660, 180,115 in Illinois and 174,010 in Arizona and 122,298 cases of Corona in North Carolina.


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