Former England Stylish batsman and Captain Gower said this big thing about Ashwin

The former England captain has given a big advice to Indian spinners and all cricketers. Actually, during the IPL last year, Ashwin dismissed Jos Buttler through Mankading, after which Ashwin got into a lot of controversies.

Many former players criticized Ashwin and accused him of ending the decency of cricket. Actually, what Ashwin did was not against the rules of cricket but was definitely against the spirit of the game.

Ashwin’s critics have now also included the former England stylish batsman and Captain Gower, and have advised him to advise Ashwin and the rest of the world cricketers that any batsman must give a warning before bowling. Now you must be wondering what is this manking like? In cricket, mankanding means non-strike and dismissing the batsman before bowling when he is out of the crease.

During a conversation with an England TV channel, Gower took a stand on this confrontation and said that the dismissal of any batsman through mankanding is against the spirit of the game and this reduces the pride of cricket all over the world. Although no batsman should do mankanding, but if a bowler wants to do so, he must warn the batsman at least once.

Gower said, ‘I was in India when all this happened. I saw full media coverage of it. I watched it very closely because people wanted to know my views from me. Now when I watch the footage, I wonder how far Butler went on the pitch and find that almost nowhere. I personally feel that Butler had to get a sense of what Ashwin is going to do. We all saw what happened. I think Ashwin was already thinking about mankanding. ‘

The former England batsman said, ‘I would like to give this advice to children of all ages, whether they are 15, 18, 20, 25, 35, 40. Do give warning once because it would be very good to do so. This will give you a chance to continue it further, if needed, but do give warning. This is my advice. ‘


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