Former England captain Nasir Hussain said this big thing about Rohit Sharma

Former England captain Nasir Hussain said that Indian opener Rohit Sharma can prove to be dangerous on the tour of Australia. He said that in the Test, if Rohit manages to bat half an hour before the start, then he will outnumber Australia. Nasir said that Rohit has all the abilities to become a great opener.

Rohit Sharma made his debut as an opener in the Test series against South Africa last year. He had scored 3 centuries in this series, including a double century. After this he was injured, due to which he could not play in New Zealand tour in February this year.

Virat was successful in England with the right strategy
“The top-order batsmen in Test cricket have to spend time at the crease in order to score big,” Hussein said in the Sony Ten channel program Pit Stop. It also requires technology. The batsman has to pay good attention to the off stump, just as Virat Kohli did against James Anderson on the last tour of England. Kohli emerged from his failure of the earlier tour of England with a new strategy. This is also the identity of the Test cricketer. “

Rohit will have to adopt a strategy like Virat
The former English captain said, “The ball will swing when Team India goes on a foreign tour. In such a situation, Rohit Sharma should also adopt the same strategy. He will only need to spend half an hour at the crease. He has to tell the bowler that I will not give any work to the player standing in the slip for the next half hour. “

Most cricketers like Rohit’s batting
Nasir said, “Today if you ask any player about their favorite cricketer, they will take the name of Rohit Sharma. Seeing the batsman Rohit’s batting of this round, he says that he has too much time to make a shot. “Rohit has scored 2141 in 32 Tests and 9115 runs in 224 ODIs. He has 2773 runs in 108 T20s.

Kohli just thinks about winning
He said, “Sourav Ganguly made Team India strong. Playing with his captaincy team, it seemed that a strong team was being fought. I respect him as a captain. He brought revolution in the Indian team. However, when Virat Kohli is on the field, he only thinks about winning. “


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