Former Australian Captain Ian Chappell speaks about India’s IPL and T20 World Cup

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has already been postponed indefinitely due to Coronavirus. Now the threat of T20 World Cup to be held in October-November is also under threat. In such a situation, former Australian Captain Ian Chappell said that if India wants to, it will replace the T20 World Cup for the IPL.

At the same time, Cricket legend and former Australia captain Alan Border has told the IPL to make money. He said that it is not bigger than the World Cup and it should not be promoted. The border said that the Dadagiri of India should not be allowed at the international level.

Cummins said – I want to play IPL before World Cup
The IPL was to be held from March 29, which was postponed indefinitely. While the T20 World Cup is to be held in Australia between 18 October and 15 November this year. Recently Australian fast bowler Pat Cummins had hoped to play IPL before the World Cup. Cummins has been bought by Kolkata Knight Riders this time for a maximum of Rs 15.50 crore.

‘Australia is taking good care of the players’
Replying to Cummins, Chappell said, “This statement is given by a person who has never been a fan of the board, but Cricket Australia top players are being well taken care of at this time.” So I think there will be a matter of liability here. This is also an occasion where we can tell that the world is not going to retreat due to cricket India. “

‘World Cup odds are slim’
On the question of the window for the IPL, Chappell said, “The first thing you know is that the BCCI will win. If they want to play in October, they will play. At this time I feel that the chances of having the T20 World Cup are very less, because 16 teams will play in the tournament. It will be difficult to make such a big arrangement. If the BCCI wants a place for the IPL, it will probably get it. “

World Cup gets more preference than IPL: Border
At the same time, Border said on ABC’s Grandstand Cafe radio program, “I’m not happy with it. The World Cup should be preferred over the local tournament. So I think if T20 is a World Cup, then IPL will not happen. I will question this decision (to replace T20 World Cup with IPL). This is just a money drawer, isn’t it? The World Cup should be important. “

‘Do not let India run internationally’
They said, “You close the door.” You know that Hindustan is running the game. If this happens, the domestic board should stop its players from participating in the IPL. I do not think you should let India run at the international level. This would be the wrong way. “


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