Football returned to audience in Coronavirus in Vietnam after 50 days

Due to Coronavirus, football tournaments are starting all over the world without fans. At the same time, football returned to Vietnam in the presence of spectators after 50 days. Three league matches were played in the Professional Football League here on Friday. Around 30,000 spectators were present in one match.

During this time, the rules of social distancing were also not followed very much. The audience was sitting very close to each other. Most people did not even wear masks. Thermal screening of the audience was done before entering the stadium.

A spectator who arrived to watch the match at the stadium told that if we were afraid of Corona, we would not come to see the match. The methods adopted to fight the corona in our country, they remain close to keeping people healthy. So now people are coming out of the house to the stadium.

Vietnam football captain said – audience presence pleasant

Captain Qu Hai of the Vietnam football team is also very happy with the presence of the audience. He said- It is a pleasant feeling to see the audience in the stadium. I am not saying that we should be compared to other nations. But despite Corona, football has returned to Vietnam. This tells us how strongly we have fought the fight against Corona.

Football was banned in March because of Corona in Vietnam. But in these 50 days, in this country with a population of 10 crores, only 328 issues of corona came out, while no one died. That too when Vietnam is bordering China. From where the city of Wuhan, Corona spread throughout the world.

Large scale people testing in Vietnam

Vietnam is being praised worldwide for keeping Corona under control. Here people were tested on a large scale to keep the infection under control. Centralized Quarantine Program was created. This helped a lot in controlling the virus.

Club football will return without spectators in Italy, Spain

The return of football to spectators in Vietnam is a lesson for all nations who are struggling with the return of the game. Club football returned to Germany only last month. But here too the audience is not allowed to come to the stadium. Neither player can celebrate the goal.

In the same month, Italy, Spain and England will also return to club football. But here too, there is so much fear of Corona that even during training, fans are not allowed to come. The corona tests are being done continuously by the players and staff.


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