Flour will bring glow on your skin in lockdown

By now you may have used maida to make puri, paratha, samosa, but do you know that maida can improve your skin too? Yes, maida can increase the glow of your skin in a few days. Flour removes traces of pimples or tanning on the skin and makes the skin glow and clean. If you have problems with wrinkles, stains, or sunburn on your screen, you can take help of fine flour to erase them.

In fact, the dead skin removes the frozen skin cells on the skin, which makes the skin pores clean. It goes deep inside and cleans the pores. Regular use of this pack will also remove wrinkles from the screen. If your skin is oily, then mix aloe vera or lemon juice in this pack. Let’s know how to use it.

Ingredients for Flour Face Pack

Tomato juice
milk powder

Method to make face pack
To make this face pack, first take a spoon of curd in a bowl. Then add one teaspoon of milk powder and one teaspoon of tomato juice. Now add a teaspoon of flour. If your skin is oily, then add half a teaspoon of honey to it. Mix all these things well and make a paste. Your all purpose face pack is ready. Apply this mask on your screen and allow it to dry completely. After drying, wash the skin thoroughly with plain water.

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