First Pradosh of Sawan, keep these things in mind in Shiva worship

Sawan’s first Pradosh fast is on 18 July. It is one of the important vows of Hinduism. Lord Shiva is worshiped on this day. The importance of Pradosha fast falling in the month of Sawan increases manifold. According to the Hindu lunar calendar, Pradosh Vrat occurs on the 13th day of the lunar month (Trayodashi). If a person performs this fast with devotion and law, then he attains salvation. Also, one’s sins are also washed away. If you do this fast, then we are giving you information about 10 special things of this fast.

Keep these things in mind while fasting Pradosh:

1. On the day of Trayodashi, one should wake up wearing sun rise in the morning.

2. Remember Bholenath by retiring from all work.

3. Keep in mind that food is not eaten during this fast.

4. Fast all day and bathe one hour before sunset. After this, wear white clothes.

5. Cleanse the place where you have to worship with Ganges water. Then prepare the pavilion with cow dung.

6. Make a Rangoli on the pavilion using 5 colors.

7. Kusha is easily used for this fast.

8. Lord Shankar should be worshiped facing north-east direction.

9. High Nam: Offer water to Bholenath while chanting Shivaay.

10. Promote Pradosha fast on Trayodashi date.

This fast is glorified:

According to the scriptures, the person who performs this fast methodically fulfills his wishes. Assuming a mythical fact, when there will be rule of unrighteousness and selfishness will come in humans. Man will do wrong deeds instead of performing Sattra, at this time if someone fasts Lord Shiva’s Trayodashi, he will get blessings of Bholenath. By this, a person acquitted of his deeds will go on the path of salvation.

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