FIFA, the world’s highest body of football, suspended the president of Hattie Football Federation

FIFA (FIFA), the apex body of world football, suspended the president of the Hattie Football Federation for 90 days pending an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment of young women players at the National Training Center.

The head of the Hattie Football Federation, 73-year-old Yves Jean-Bart, has denied allegations that he raped several young women footballers in the last 5 years at a training center on the outskirts of Port O Prince.

“As per Articles 84 and 85 of the FIFA Code of Conduct, the Department of Investigation of the Independent Ethics Committee has imposed a temporary ban on Hattie Football Federation President Yves Jean Bart.” He cannot participate in football related activities at national and international level for 90 days. This temporary ban will come into force immediately. ‘

Hattie police are investigating the allegations. At the end of last month, Jean Bart was accused of sexual harassment after which the judge has questioned several employees of the Football Federation. According to the report published in the ‘Guardian’ news letter in April, Jean Bart raped several minor girls and meanwhile at least 2 girls were miscarried.


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