Fans trolled Hasin Jahan, wife of Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami

Hasin, the wife of Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami, is often in the discussions, as well as being very active on social media. Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan has once again been the victim of trolling on social media.

Mohammed Shami and his wife Haseen Jahan, everyone knows the confrontation in their married life. In 2018, Mohammed Shami filed a complaint against his wife Hasin Jahan under charges of assault, rape, attempt to murder and domestic violence.

Hasin Jahan often becomes a victim of users’ anger on social media. Now Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan is once again in the headlines. Hasin Jahan has posted a photo on Instagram, on which people are fiercely pulling him. Sharing a photo of her, Hasin Jahan wrote, ‘To win every battle in life is your initial battle – dare to see dreams, dare to try, courage to lose and dare to pass. ‘

Hasin Jahan said it well on social media, but some people may not like it. Commenting on Hassin Jahan’s post, an Instagram consumer wrote, ‘Whatever post you like, Shami Bhai is not going to come in your way. ‘Another user commented,’ The woman is adorned with beauty. For your information, let us tell you that while Haseen keeps sharing her dance and party videos on Instagram, sometimes she writes poetry.


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