English Premier League players involved in the fight against apartheid

Now the English Premier League players also joined the fight against apartheid. In the league starting on Wednesday, footballers will play in a jersey with the name ‘Black Lives Matter’ instead of their names. Players will wear a similar jersey in the first 12 matches of the league.

The players issued a statement saying, “We are all players united with the aim of ending apartheid. It is our endeavor that in the global society, there should be no discrimination on the basis of color, race, and everyone should get equal opportunities with respect. ”

Will support players protesting: EPL

This symbol (#blacklivesmatter #playerstogether) shows unity among all players, all staff, all clubs, all match officials and the Premier League. The Premier League has also said that it will support those players who sit and protest against the collapse. National Football League player Colin Kaepernick started sitting on his knees to protest against Nalsbhed.

‘Apartheid has no place in league’

EPL made it clear that it is standing with the English Football League, Professional Footballers Association, League Managers Association and Match Officials in the fight against apartheid. There is no place for apartheid in the league.

Arsenal players also protested

Different athletes are also raising voice against racism. Players of the English football club Arsenal also wore a jersey written ‘Black Lives Matter’ before the friendly match against Brentford. Apart from this, many club players are protesting by sitting on their knees during training.

Floyd died of a neck injury in police custody

On May 25, the police of Minneapolis, USA, arrested black George Floyd for fraud. During this, the police officers put him in handcuffs and lay him upside down on the ground and kept his neck pressed for about 9 minutes. This caused George to stop breathing and die. This was followed by violent demonstrations in more than 40 cities.

Floyd was buried in Houston

Floyd was buried in Houston on Tuesday. During this time, silence of 8 minutes and 46 seconds was observed, because the police kept Floyd’s neck from the knee for so long. He died of suffocation.


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