England cricketers can prepare to hit the ground to practice this week.

While England’s cricketers are preparing to hit the ground to practice from next week, there is good news coming from the cricket world. After the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, competitive cricket will be played in Australia for the first time with the T20 tournament of the Darwin and District Cricket Tournament starting on 6 June.

Players will not be allowed to shine the ball with saliva or sweat in this competition, and the Darwin Cricket Management (DCM) group is looking at various options for flashing the ball, including polishing the vex in the presence of umpires.

Cricket. work. According to the AU, the clubs must complete the Kovid-19 Safety Assessment Scheme before participating in the tournament and submit it to the Northern Territory Government and only then will they be allowed to play. DCM President Laclan Beard told ABC Grandstand that the ICC (International Cricket Council) is working closely with cricket units around the world to find new ways. He said that we are sure that there will be clear guidelines from Cricket Australia as to what will be approved and what not.

Thoughts on waxing the ball
Beard said that it is being considered whether applying wax polish to the ball can become a normal item in cricket or the ball will not be brightened. The procedure will be formal in the presence of umpires. The use of vex on the ball is against current ICC regulations and only a global body can approve its use. However, in the midst of the corona virus pandemic, it is a safe and clean method of polishing the ball.

Australian fast bowlers Pat Cummins and Josh Hazlewood believe that it is important to shine the red ball if there is a balance between the ball and the bat. The ball maker company Kookaburra suggested sponges to apply fine wax. The umpire can put it on the ball or the players can do it in their presence.


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