England citizen won New Zealand

Even though today he is a citizen of England and plays in the national team of the same country, but he was born in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. Many members of his family still live there.

He came to England at the age of 12 and started learning cricket there. Ben Stokes tied the match with an unbeaten 84-run knock for England in the final of the World Cup 2019. After this, with the help of 8 runs in the Super Over, he not only got England the World Cup for the first time, but also became ‘Man of the Match’.

Father’s reaction to World Cup victory
World Cup Ben’s performance gave English fans a chance to celebrate such joy for the first time in many decades, but Stokes ‘father, who was in New Zealand, said,’ I am very disappointed with the defeat of New Zealand and it is very sad that A team has to return without a trophy. Putting my hand on my heart, I am very happy for Ben and his team, but I am still a supporter of New Zealand. Ben worked very hard and got the result of his victory. ‘

Old relationship is related to controversies
Ben has played 63 Tests and 95 ODIs and 26 T20 matches for England, but in September 2017 he was caught in controversy. He was accused of a scuffle in a nightclub in Bristol. In response, Stokes said in court, “I was defending myself and those around me.” Because of this he joined this fight. Whatever I did, I decided very quickly. I understood that these two people (Ali and Ryan Hale) are also likely to threaten the rest of the people. He was later released by the Bristol court.

Attack on the privacy of Ben Stokes
The English newspaper The Sun had published an incident involving Ben Stokes’ stepfather, which most people were unaware of. The newspaper reported that Stokes’ mother’s ex-husband had murdered her (Stokes’s) half-brother and sister nearly 31 years ago. In an emotional tweet, Ben Stokes condemned the newspaper and said, “It took years for my family to forget that terrible accident.” The newspaper has sent its reporter to my home and New Zealand and now he has done the work to scrape it.

Ben Stokes’ attachment to IPL
There is no doubt that he is one of the top all-rounders in the world, which is why in the IPL auction, often all team owners do not hesitate to bid him high. In 2017, Rising Pune Supergiant bought him for Rs 14.5 crore, while in the year 2018, Rajasthan Royals paid a value of 12.5 crore for Ben Stokes. He became the most expensive player of IPL in the year 2018. Ben has turned 29 today, hope to touch more heights in the coming times.


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