Do you also want safe sex without condom … then do this job

Do you know that condom is very important for you during sexual intercourse. It also protects you from disease and keeps you away from unwanted pregnancy. You may be using other types of protection, but condoms reduce the risk of HIV and STDs. But many people like to have sexual intercourse without condom but due to not being safe, they rarely take these measures. But for your information, without intercourse, even sexual intercourse can be done.

Douching: The word douche means shower in French. After intercourse, the vagina and its surroundings are washed with water or vinegar-water solution. Even if women say that they feel clean by doing this, but experts do not support this way. Douches also come in the market but there can be many infections in this way.

Pull Out Method: In this manner, before ejaculation, the penis has to be removed from the vagina. By doing this, the sperm do not reach the vagina and there is no risk of pregnancy. But this remedy is also not conducive. For this it is important to have a very good sense of self control and ejaculation. Many times, sperm come out even before ejaculation, which causes the risk of pregnancy. Therefore, this remedy is also not good.

Is it good to have condom sex ?: It is important to understand that condoms are the remedy that gives the best protection from unwanted pregnancy and STDs. This is because it acts as a physical barrier between vagina and sperm.

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