Do these home remedies for beautiful and soft lips

Whichever the season, everyone’s lips swell in every season. In this case, applying lip balm gives a lot of relief. You may have bought expensive branded lip balm from the market many times but do you know that you can make lip balm at home too. Not only this, you can make many balm lip balms at home. The best thing about Home Made Lip Balm is that it is prepared at home in less money and it is also more effective. So, today we are going to tell you how lip balm can be made at home.

Chocolate Lip Balm


1 tablespoon chocolate

1/2 small spoon nutella

1 large spoon wax

How to make

First of all, melt the chocolate and wax separately.

* Then mix the two together very well.

* Then put Nutella in it.

* Cool the solution for ten minutes.

* Then keep it in the fridge for four hours.

Lemon lip balm


1 tbsp Vaseline

1 small spoon lemon juice

1 small spoon honey

How to make

* Pour vaseline in a glass bowl and cook in microwave for 3 minutes

* Now add lemon juice and add honey as well.

* Mix this solution well and fill it in a plastic box and keep it aside.

* Now keep this plastic box in the freezer for four hours after ten minutes.

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