Dhoni seen spending time with dogs, video went viral on social media

Coronavirus has disappointed cricket fans a lot this year. No matches have been organized for the last two months and the fans are eager to see their favorite players again on the field.

Especially former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni who has been away from the field for a long time. Dhoni is spending time with his family at his farm house in Ranchi. Dhoni himself is not active on social media but his wife Sakshi Dhoni definitely shares Dhoni’s photos and videos for fans. Recently he has shared a video of Dhoni in which Dhoni is seen spending time with his dogs.

Dhoni was seen spending time with dogs
In the video shared by Sakshi Dhoni, Dhoni is seen sitting on his couch with his dogs. Dhoni is seen calling him. Right next to them sits daughter Ziva (Ziva Dhoni) who is lovingly looking at her father. For your information, let us say that Dhoni loves dogs very much and has seven dogs. In the video of Dhoni which went viral amid the lockdown, he is seen most of the time with his dogs. Sakshi had recently told during an interview that Dhoni loves dogs very much that is why he has seven dogs.Dhoni is not active on social media
Sakshi had told in this interview that why Dhoni is not very active on social media. Sakshi said, ‘Dhoni wants to keep a low profile on social media. He is not very active. He was also pressured to post the video at the time of the corona virus but he did not do so. He knows that there is no one greater than the PM in the country, people obey him, so he is not needed. ‘


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