Dean Jones; Australians whose ‘real birth’ was born in India

Born on 24 March 1961 in Melbourne, the news of Dean Jones’ death came from Mumbai on 24 September 2020, there was a lot of surprise in the cricket world along with disappointment and mourning. It would be strangely told that Jones died in the land of India, who gave him a ‘real birth’ on the cricket field. Nothing can be more about this Australian batsman without a double century in his Chennai Test in 1986. Throughout his career, Jones played 52 Tests and scored 11 centuries, but his greatest recognition was made in India against India, which was an unprecedented double century, during which he was seen constantly in the field and later he was offered saline in the hospital. Till the time I had to come

Happy, talkative, funny, friends like words that are often used by their fellow players and commentators. But Jones was a much more advanced personality. After retiring cricket, Jones moved on to commentary and also became a cricket expert for a private TV channel in India. Under Professor, his style of explaining the things of cricket on the blackboard made him a fan of many young Indians in the new century.

Dean Jones’s ideas were often ‘revolutionary’ and unique. And why not? As a player, Dean Jones coined a new vocabulary of batting in one-day cricket. From the risk of being shot against the fast bowlers to the nimbler off the pitch in an aggressive style, the lesson of the extraordinary running bitween the wicket is Jones’ greatest legacy as a cricketer, which you can see in a player like Virat Kohli today.

If Jones, who retired from one-day cricket in 1994, is still among the top 33 players with the best average in that format, then you can guess how much he was among the leading batsmen of the time. The likes of Zaheer Abbas, Vivian Richards, Glenn Turner and Gordon Greenidge are among those who called ODI cricket before 1994. In the last 25 years, one-day cricket has changed so fast that you get to see new players in the daily average and strike rate issues. If a player is successful in maintaining his existence even in such a crowd then he must have been special.

Dean Jones will always remain not out due to his special mark in cricket history.

You might not know that Jones was not removed from the team. When he felt that Waqat had gone, he himself quit cricket. Recently, during an interview with Chennai Super Kings batsman Shane Watson, Jones revealed that as soon as he realized that the team management was considering Mark Taylor and David Boon better than him, he spoke a lot. thank you. And left cricket. While Jones’s stats were not bad with Taylor-Boon, despite not batting in terms of his credibility in that series as well.

When Australia won the World Cup for the first time on Indian soil in 1987, Jones scored the most runs for his team after opener David Boon and Geoff Marsh. Indo-land always appealed to Jones. Jones also tried his hand at coaching but the popularity he gained in India as a commentator was not found in his country of Australia as Jones was never given a chance to do regular commentary on the famous Channel 9. While getting IPL commentary from Star Sports’ ‘Dug Out’, it was very regrettable for Jones to get out of this way. However, Jones will always remain not out due to his special mark in cricket history.

Thanks Dean Jones. May your soul rest in peace.
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