Dalgona coffee is trending on social media

We are all aware that at this time there is nothing bigger than corona virus on the world. Lockdown has been imposed in the country to prevent the spread of this virus infection on a large scale. People have been imprisoned in his house and to avoid boredom in the house, people are looking for new things to keep themselves busy. At this time, new trends and challenges are also being seen on social media. Now the trend of Dalgona coffee has gone in the midst of lockdown and this coffee challenge is being liked by many people at this time. If you are left behind in this list, then let us tell you today how this tasty dalona coffee is made.

Actually, right now, people are sharing photos of Dalgona coffee from Facebook, WhatsApp to Instagram. You must have known that dalgona coffee originated from South Korea and this famous dalgona coffee is also called cloud coffee.

Ingredients for making dalona coffee – (For three people) 3 teaspoons coffee 3 teaspoons sugar 3 teaspoons hot water 3 cups cold milk some ice cube (you can also prepare your dalagna coffee without ice cube if you want)

Dalgona Coffee Recipe – First of all, you have to take a bowl and pour coffee, sugar and hot water into it and whisk it well, you can also take help of hand blender. If it is not, then keep stirring this mixture with the help of a spoon until it becomes thick. Now in a while, a smooth textured adulteration will be ready and after this the mixture is ready, take a serving glass and add ice to it. After this, pour cold milk in the glass and now with the help of a spoon pour the coffee mixture over it. In this way your dalgona coffee (cloudy coffee) is ready. Now you can click on its photo and share it on social media.

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