Cricket South Africa’s 7 employees found infected with coronavirus, news

7 Cricket South Africa (CSA) employees have been found infected with coronavirus. The cricket board confirmed this on Monday. The board had conducted tests of more than 100 staff and players all over the country. This includes the training staff of franchisees associated with league cricket in addition to professional players.

Here the government has allowed non-contact sports in the third phase of the lockdown. After this, cricket started in many places.

The number of infected is less: CSA

CSA Acting CEO Jacques Fall said, “We knew the staffing report could be positive in testing.” By the way, we conducted tests for 100 people, out of which only 7 have been found infected. In such a situation, this number is less. “However, Fall did not reveal whether the report of any player has not turned positive.

The board did not report any player being infected

Fall said that our medical protocol allows us not to make public the information of those whose reports have come positive.

Solidarity Cup postponed last week

In South Africa, first class cricketer Solo Nkweni is the first player to be hit by Kovid-19. His report last month was positive. There may be a further delay in the return of cricket in the country after the Corona contagion of 7 staff.

Last week, the South Africa Cricket Board postponed the Solidarity Cup to be held on 27 June. The board took this decision after talks with all the parties.

Top 24 players from country to play in Solidarity Cup

The board said, “There is too much work left to take approval from the government to hold the tournament. In such a situation, it cannot be done in such a short time. A new date will be announced soon. “Solidarity Cup will be the new format of cricket. In this, 24 top players of the country are going to play on behalf of 3 different teams.
A team will bat 6-6 overs in two half
There will be only one match of 36 overs, in which 3 teams will play together. The match will have two half-time of 18-18 overs. A team will have to bat 6-6 overs against different teams in both the half.


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