Cricket Australia confesses to T20 World Cup during Kovid-19

Cricket Australia on Friday admitted that the fate of the T20 World Cup in October-November in Australia due to global travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 epidemic remains uncertain, leaving their organization uncertain There is a possibility of huge loss of revenue.

Cricket Australia Chief Executive Kevin Roberts admitted that there were risks associated with organizing this competition. Roberts said, “We have all been hopeful that it can be held in October-November, but you have to understand that there are risks associated with such a possibility.” ‘

Decision on T20 World Cup postponed till 10 June
The International Cricket Council (ICC) deferred the decision on the competition till 10 June. He said that he needed some more time to work on emergency plans. Roberts said that Cricket Australia is likely to suffer a loss of 80 million Australian dollars.

Even if a tournament happens, it is expected to be held in empty stadiums. This gives Cricket Australia revenue of around 50 million Australian dollars. There is a question mark over the T20 World Cup, which is likely to cause a loss of about 20 million Australian dollars to Cricket Australia. ‘

There is also a threat on the series against India
Roberts said, “In addition, we will have to adopt biosafety methods for organizing matches this season, which will cost a million Australian dollars. ‘

Cricket Australia’s chief, however, is more hopeful of a four-Test series against Hindustan that starts in Brisbane from December 3. According to the earlier program, the series against India will be played in four places Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, but Robertus said that its program can be changed.

He said, “The current program was designed assuming that the provincial boundaries would be open for travel at that time. It depends on the circumstances of that time and it is likely that we have to organize them at one or two places only. We don’t know anything about it right now. ‘


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