Cocoa Gough of America, young female tennis player, reveals her number after the death of a black male

Young female tennis player Coco Gough of the US has supported the protests against the death of African-American people in her country after the death of a black male in police custody in Minneapolis.

A 46-year-old black man named George Floyd died on Monday. A white police officer named Derek Chovin was sitting on his knees on George’s neck and George was repeatedly saying, “I can’t breathe.”

Derek has been arrested on Friday and has been charged with three degrees of murder. Protests are taking place all over the country after this incident. Gough posted a tick-to-talk video on his Twitter on Friday in which he said, “I will always use this platform to make the world better.”

He said, “So I am raising my voice against racism.” In the video that Gough has posted, in addition to George, photos of some other people are also shown.

At the end of this video it says, “Am I next?” Gough raises his hands in the video and after this it is written, “I am raising my voice, will you lift.”


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