Carrom champion Irshad Ahmed, who lives in an auto, has to face these difficulties

Carrom champion Irshad Ahmed, who lives in an auto, is facing a lot of difficulty in maintaining his family due to the nationwide lockdown caused by the corona virus, since there was no source of income since March.

Irshad held the title of International Carrom Federation Cup held in Pune in December 2019, in which players from 16 nations participated. It is also considered as the Small World Cup of Carrom, in which he defeated two-time world champion Prashant More of Mumbai.

He is survived by parents, four brothers, wife and three children. He and his brother used to run auto together but due to lockdown, they could not get out of the house. The Nagpur player said on the phone from ‘Bhasha’, “It was the International Federation Cup in December, when my job was talked to the Federation’s guard (Girish Vyas), who is from Nagpur. It has been six months, nothing has happened yet. He also spoke to the general secretary of Vidarbha Carrom Association. But there is a lot of difficulty due to the lockdown, so I want to appeal again. ”

He said, “The accumulated capital ended in lockdown. In Carrom, my friends world champion Prashant More, foreign players Mohammad Alam and Mohammed Ali put some amount in my account which is being spent.

“The Vidarbha Carrom Association told us that he wants a government job,” said Bharti Narayan, general secretary of the All India Carrom Federation. The problem is that he is 37 years old and he is not even educated. But we are still trying. Many of our champions have got jobs, the only problem is that they are not educated and their age is also high. ”

He said, “The federation has started the process of helping them. He was recently crowned champion in international competition. We are making all efforts for that. “Irshad said,” If it is about education, it is not in the government job that it is not possible. I am 10th failed, but I will work for one year in a job without pay and I will pass my tenth this year. There is no education, it is old, saying that you cannot leave a player. If this is the case then I will be forced to leave Carrom. ”


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