British government said that tennis courts and golf courses can be opened in England

The British Government has said that tennis and golf courses in England can reopen from Wednesday, but people will only be allowed to play with members of their homes. To prevent the outbreak in March in Britain, it was announced at the national level and then the sports venues were also ordered to be closed.

Gyms and swimming pools will still remain closed although swimming in the sea or lakes will be allowed. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can decide their stand on opening tennis and golf courses and they have already indicated that this will be strictly followed.

“People can only play with their home members,” British PM Boris Johnson said on Sunday. Johnson, however, did not indicate when professional sports, including the Premier League, might return. Professional sports competitions have also stalled since March.

Let us know that the transition of K is continuously increasing. Its number of infected in the world has crossed the 40 lakh mark. According to the latest data, 40,59,369 people have been infected with the disease so far in 187 nations and regions. Of these, 2,77,973 people have lost their lives. Still tops the issue of Infections and Deaths. There 13,27,921 people have been affected while 78,849 people have died.

In the case of patients in Europe, Britain is at the top in Spain and deaths. So far 2,62,783 people have fallen prey to it in Spain and 26,478 people have died from it. 2,15,260 people have been infected in the UK so far and 31,587 have lost their lives.


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