Brazilian football club Atlético Minero’s midfielder Juan Cazares’s Corona report comes positive

The game is slowly returning to the track among the coronaviruses. However, the threat of the virus is still not completely avoided. So every player of the National Hockey League (NHL) of America will have a corona test before the match. Here, Ecuador and Brazilian football club Atlético Minero’s midfielder Juan Cazares’s Corona report has come out positive.

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said on Monday that when the league resumes, we will implement tougher testing protocols. Under this, there will be a corona test of the players every evening and their report will come before leaving the hotel the next day.

In such a situation, if the report of any player comes positive then we will already know and we will be able to send it for self quarantine. However, it would be much more expensive. But for the safe return of sports, we have to do it.

More than 1 lakh deaths due to corona in America

Earlier this week, the NHL announced that the remaining matches of the current season would be dropped and that the 24-teams would go directly to the playoffs if the league resumed. So far, more than 1 lakh deaths have been reported from Corona in America, which is the highest in the world.

No positive reports other than Qazares

Here, after the Qazares report came back positive, Atletico issued a statement saying – He (Kajares) is asymptomatic but is sending them in isolation. He will not be a part of team training. He is the only player of the club, which has been reported positive. In view of the increasing cases of corona infection in Brazil, the club had all the players and staff tested last week.

Players start training in Brazil

Cajares has played 21 for Ecuador and 205 for Brazilian club Atlético Minero. Club football has been banned in Brazil since March. However, now many states have allowed training under strict health protocols.

More than 5 million cases of infection in Brazil

After America, the most corona-infected are in Brazil. So far, 5 lakh 14 thousand 992 issues of infection have been reported, while more than 29 thousand people have died.


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