Bengal Cricket Association (CAB) removes players’ I-site problem

Bengal Cricket Association (CAB) has made eye check necessary for the players. Players have been away from the game for a long time due to Corona. In such a situation, there is no problem in their I-site. For this reason, such a decision has been taken. Investigation has been made necessary for senior and under-23 players.

A BCCI officer said that we have been doing this for the last three years. In every quarter, players’ eyes are checked. He also praised the move of the cab.

Cricket Hand-Eye Coordination Game
CAB President Abhishek Dalmiya said, “Eyesight and reflex are two essential things for cricket. Head coach Arun Lal asked for it to be necessary. After this we did it. ”Former Indian cricketer Deepdas Gupta described this decision as good. He said that cricket is a game of hand-eye coordination.

Investigation required to return to the field
Deepdas, who had been the captain of Bengal, said, “When you return to the field, you need to examine the eye. There is nothing wrong in this. In such a situation, if there is something wrong, then you will not know. ”He said that for Emerging wicketkeeping players, there should be a 7 to 10 days camp with spin bowlers, this will help them to keep pace.

Waiting for BCCI guidelines for other changes
The team’s operations manager Jaideep Mukherjee said that with such a rule, we will see a big difference in the game. He said, ‘During the match we will see that the player is dropping the catch. Because he is not able to judge the ball well. For this reason, we have taken such a step. ”Apart from this, the BCCI guidelines are being awaited to start fitness tests, wicketkeeping clinics, spin camps and team bonding.

Dalmiya said that we are waiting for the guidelines of the board. We have made our guidelines. Safety of players is the biggest issue for us. We cannot compromise in this. The Bengal team selectors will first declare the 30-member team, with whom training will be started.


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