BCCI’s decision challenged in Delhi High Court

The decision of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to form a three-member ad hoc committee in Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) was challenged by former DDCA director and member Nitin Mehra in the Delhi High Court.

Hearing through video conferencing on the challenge petition, the bench of Justice Najmi Waziri has stayed the decision of the BCCI till May 26. The bench disagreed with the BCCI’s pleas to set up the ad hoc committee and after hearing both the sides said that a decision will be taken on May 26. The bench said that till then the status quo will remain.

Through senior advocate Kapil Sibal, Nitin Mehra filed a petition saying that DDCA’s money has been stopped by BCCI and DDCA has no income of its own. Kapil Sibal said on behalf of Mehra that information has been received through a news letter that the BCCI is appointing a three-member ad hoc committee in DDCA. Sibal presented a copy of the newspaper before the bench and questioned whether the BCCI has the authority over DDCA to form a committee. He also raised the question whether there is any such provision in the company law that the BCCI can sit committee on DDCA.

When the Bench asked Solicitor General Tushar Mehta appearing for BCCI, when asked about the answer, he said that it has happened but it has not been decided. The bench said that this answer will not work, clearly answer yes or no. Tushar Mehta asked for two minutes’ permission to inquire about this. After some time Tushar Mehta told the bench that the BCCI wants to do this, but only on the consent of the court, the BCCI will do it.

Tusshar Mehta also said that the BCCI was waiting for the court to take it on the next date and take its decision only if the court agreed. On this, the bench of Justice Najmi Waziri said that the issue is not being liked by the court and in such a situation, I stop the process of formation of the Adhoc Committee till 26 May. The bench said that it will be heard on the next date of May 26 along with other matters of DDCA. The bench said that at this time the committee appointed by the High Court in DDCA will remain the same.


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