BCCI bids for IPL 2020

There is doubt on whether the IPL 2020 will be organized or not, but the Board of Cricket in India, ie BCCI, is exploring every option that can be done for this league. The board believes that any window will be found this year and if it has to be done abroad also, it is ready.

Treasurer Arun Dhumal told the BCCI that if our players play in IPL India, then it is more secure and this is our first importance too, but if the situation does not go well then we have no other option left. We have a window available and we can also organize IPL 2020 outside.

Let us tell you that due to the general elections in India in 2009 and 2014, IPEL was organized abroad. The IPL was held in South Africa in 2009, while a part of the 2014 IPL season was played in the United Arab Emirates. Arun Dhumal said that we have organized the last few seasons abroad. We do not want to deliberately organize IPL abroad, but if this is the only possibility, then no one can do anything about it. He said all these things to TimesNow.com. However, he also clarified that IPL 2020 abroad is the last option.

The BCCI treasurer said that this is not a simple option as all aspects have to be kept in mind before making every decision. At present, no country is safe from the Kovid 19 epidemic, so it would not be easy if we decided to move the IPL out of the country and take the players to Sri Lanka, Dubai or South Africa. The situation is similar in almost every location, the ban on international travel is also a problem. Sri Lanka was good, but in the last few days there have also been increased issues, so there is a problem and we need to deal with them.

Apart from this, the BCCI is also waiting for the decision of the ICC that this time the T20 World Cup will start in Australia from October 18 or not. The ICC meeting is now to be held on June 10, where the future of the T20 World Cup will be decided. It is being said that if the World Cup is not held, then that window can be found by IPL.


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