Basketball star Michael Jordan will make this big donation for social justice and racism

Basketball star Michael Jordan will donate $ 100 million (about Rs 755 crore) to organizations fighting for social justice and racism. Jordan and his brand will provide funding to organizations working in this area for the next 10 years.

This donation is 10 times more than Facebook and Amazon. These two companies have announced a donation of 10 million dollars (about 75 crore rupees) for social justice.

Jordan made this announcement at a time when protests against apartheid are taking place in the entire country after the murder of black civilian Jordan Floyd in America.

Black lives also have value: Jordan

Michael Jordan and his brand issued a statement saying – Black lives also have value. It also holds meaning. This is not a controversial statement. Until apartheid in our country is completely eradicated. Till then we will continue to fight for the safety and social justice of the blacks.

Motive to change the life of black community: Brand Jordan

Jordan Brand President Craig Williams said – We still have a lot of work to do to change the lives of the black community. We take responsibility for this.

Jordan angry at Floyd’s death

Earlier, Jordan had expressed his sorrow over the murder of George Floyd – I am sad and angry with this incident. My condolences are with countless people besides Floyd’s family who lost their lives due to racial vandalism and injustice. Enough is enough, we should gather together and raise our voice against racism. So that there is pressure on our leaders to change the law. Everyone has to be part of the redressal of this issue.

Jordan inducted into NBA Hall of Fame

Jordan is a 6-time National Basketball Association or NBA champion. He led the Chicago Bulls team in the 90s. He has also been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Currently, he also owns the Charlotte Hornets team.


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