Australia’s ODI captain Aaron Finch told who is the best batsman among Kohli and Smith

In the world of cricket, everyone has their own opinion on who is the better batsman between Indian captain Virat Kohli and Australian batsman Steve Smith.

Some consider Smith as the best batsman. Australia’s ODI captain Aaron Finch while speaking on the issue said that in the ODI format, he does not consider Smith as the number one ODI batsman. Meanwhile, Finch (Aaron Finch) praised the Indian captain and described him as the best batsman of the ball.

Finch considers Kohli as number one ODI batsman
Aaron Finch said in an interview, “When Virat finishes his career, he will be the best batsman in the world in ODIs. It has always been difficult to play against him but at the same time he loves to play. Virat is better than Smith in this format. Sachin Tendulkar may have scored more runs or scored centuries than Kohli but chasing a goal like Virat and scoring a century while chasing the target is extraordinary. ‘

No break for Steve Smith in Test

However, Finch also said that according to him in the test format, Kohli is slightly behind Smith. Finch praised the former Australian captain and said, “Virat Kohli has performed well in Tests. He was seen making little effort against bowlers like James Anderson in England but after that he made a great comeback. However, Smith never had to try in this format which makes him the best player of this format. Smith is ahead of Kohli in this issue. ‘For your information, let me tell you that Steve Smith is the number one batsman in the Test. He achieved this place by beating Kohli. Since 2015, the war between the two has been going on.

Kohli is better than Smith in T20
Talk about the T20 format, it is ahead of Virat Smith because he has played more matches than him. Virat’s average of all three formats is more than 50, while he has scored 70 international centuries by combining all three formats. Smith’s average is higher than Virat in Tests. Smith has scored 7227 runs in 73 Tests at an average of 62.74.


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