Another shock to the film industry, actress Divya Chaukse died of cancer

new Delhi. On the one hand, many veteran actors have said goodbye to this world one after another in Bollywood. On the other hand, many actors, including Amitabh Bachchan, are struggling with Corona virus infection. Meanwhile, the industry has received another setback. Now Bollywood actress Divya Choukse has also left the support of this world.

Divya, who made her Bollywood debut in 2016 with ‘Apna Dil To Awara’, was fighting a battle against cancer. Divya’s co-star Sahil Anand spoke to her Instagram.

He wrote, “Divya you will miss your brother very much. Your passion, your dreams, your best behavior, your positive thinking about our industry is not met by anyone else. We had to meet, but God may have made some other plans for you. I am confident that you are now in a better place and in peace.… You will always be alive in our memories and hearts. ”

At the same time, Divya has written an emotional note before saying goodbye to this world. He wrote on his InstaStory, “For what I want to tell, the word will not suffice.” Some more or less, but I have been missing for months and a lot of messages are being bombarded. Friends! Now is the time when I tell you guys. I am currently on death bed. Bad happened. I’m strong No more question now. God knows how much you people mean to me. “

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