Anand’s wife Aruna finally returned to India after being stranded in Germany, said this big thing

The great Indian chess player has finally returned to India after being stranded in Germany for three months due to the Corona virus epidemic and travel restrictions. Anand’s wife Aruna Anand confirmed this on Saturday.

Aruna told IANS from Chennai, ‘He successfully reached India at 1.15 pm on Saturday afternoon. Now he is in Bangalore. We do not know how long they will need to stay in the Quarantine. We will follow the process of the government. They are good ‘

Anand, a 5-time World Chase champion, went to Germany to participate in the Bundesliga Chess League in February and was to return home in March, but he has remained there due to travel restrictions around the world due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Were stranded. Anand also made an online commentary at the Candidate tournament in Russia, but was postponed in the midst of the Corona virus epidemic. Earlier this month, he also led the Indian team in the Nations Cup.


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