American Tennis Association (USTA) made this big plan for the event in New York

The American Tennis Association (USTA) plans to hold the US Open this year, although it is also preparing alternative plans for the tournament. Has been the epicenter of the epidemic, due to which the market of speculation about the US Open was hot recently.

Several reports have said that the USTA’s R>> can be held in New Wales or Orlando for this tournament to be held from 31 August to 13 September. But USTA spokesman Chris Widmeyer said in an email sent to him that his organization is still committed to organizing the tournament at its regular venue and dates.

“The goal of the USTA is to organize the 2020 US Open according to a predetermined schedule,” said Wiedmeyer. We understand that a lot of speculation is being made about the USTA Key for the US Open.

He said, “We want to make it clear that even though we are considering all the options regarding the US Open, but the change in venue and dates of the tournament is not included at this time.”
Widmeyer said that due to the rapidly changing circumstances and uncertainty, other options that the USTA is considering include organizing the tournament without an audience. He said that the final decision on the US Open will be taken in the second fortnight of June.

Let us know that this came from China has created a stir in the whole world. Has taken terrible form around the world. The situation is that the global number of deaths of infected people has crossed three lakh. So far, more than 44.85 lakh people have come in the grip of this epidemic. As of Thursday night, a total of 44,89,482 people have been infected in the world of which the death toll has risen to 3,01,024. However, 16,88,943 of these people have been well after treatment.


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