Actress Prasoon Joshi objected to the scene of Swara Bhaskar’s web series ‘Rasabhari’

Mumbai. Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar has clarified this after she objected to Central Film Certification Board (CBFC) chief Prasoon Joshi over a scene in her new web series ‘Rasabhari’. On Friday, Prasun Joshi objected to the scene and called it irresponsible content.

Swara Bhaskar posted on Twitter to explain the purpose of the scene to the CBFC chief and spoke of his misunderstanding.

Swara wrote, “Sir with respect, maybe you are misunderstanding the scene. What is described in the scene is exactly the opposite. The girl is dancing as she wishes, blushing and embarrassed to see the father. The dance is not provocative, the girl is just dancing, she does not know that the society will sexualize her too, this is what the scene shows. “


Swara’s tweet came in response to a tweet by Prasun Joshi, in which he wrote, “Sad. In the web series HashtaggerSabhri, it is insensitive to see a small girl like an object dancing provocatively in front of men. Think creators and audiences today, it is not about entertainment, it is a question of attitude towards girls, whether it is freedom of expression or arbitrary exploitation. ”

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