Actress Kunal Kamra gets expensive due to Kangana Ranaut, actress gave such a befitting reply

new Delhi. Comedian Kunal Kamra often remains in the spotlight for his tweet. This time Kunal Kamra got tweeting against actress Kangana Ranaut. Actually, Kunal Kamra compared Kangana Ranaut to Sadhguru. After which, now the fight between the two has started on Twitter. Kangana had earlier termed showbiz as poisonous through one of her posts on social media. Kangana said, the entertainment world is something where people get easily swayed. People believe in another power, people create their own small world. A firm spiritual foundation is needed to avoid this temptation.

Kunal Kamra

After which Kangana Ranaut tweeted to Kunal Kamra, these few foolish people are desperate to give credit of my struggle, intellect, spiritual depth, courage, success and achievements to a powerful person. How much it is hurting their weak ego to accept that I have succeeded on my own and am living life on my own terms.

But this dispute did not end here. Kunal Kamra lashed out at Kangana, saying that there are many hurts in life besides loving BJP. Kangana was further infuriated by Kunal’s tweet.

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