According to Ukraine’s Football Premier League, so many people from Club Karpati Lviv got corona test

Corona Test of 5 players and 2 coaches of Spanish football club Barcelona has been found positive. However, the club has not named anyone. Lionel Messi also plays from this club. At the same time, 25 players and other staff of Karpati Laviv, a football club in Ukraine, have been found infected.

La Liga was intercepted due to coronavirus. The last match took place on 11 March between Real Sociedad and Iber. La Liga is going to start 3 months later from June 11. The first match will be between Sevilla and Rial Betis.

65 people underwent corona test in Ukraine

According to Ukraine’s Football Premier League, 65 people (players and staff) of Club Karpati Lviv were subjected to a corona test. Of this, 25 have been found to be corona positive. After this, the entire team is staying in Quarantine for 14 days. The training of the players has been stopped. Laviv is scheduled to have two matches in the next week, which have been canceled. After Corona, the Premier League was started last week without an audience.

Barcelona will clash with Majorca on 13 June
Before the tournament started, players were allowed to train in 4 stages from May 1. The fourth phase has started from June 1, under which players are practicing as a team. Barcelona’s first match will take place on 13 June from Rial Mallorca after the league resumes.

Test of players before training
All the clubs started practice in 4 phases from 1 May. Under the first phase, the players exercised alone. The players had to undergo a corona check before starting practice. Also, players from outside had to stay in Quarantine for 14 days.

Players will come on the field with the team
At the same time, the second phase started from 18 May. In this, the players practiced in groups of 10. A week later under the third phase, he started practicing with 14 players. Now in the fourth phase all the players of the team will be able to practice in the field together.

Football league has started in several nations between Corona
Germany has started its football league Bundesliga from 16 May. This is the first major league to start in Corona. At the same time, the Premier League of England (EPL) is going to start from 17 June. Italy is also starting their league Serie A from June 20. While football in Russia will start from next month. Russia’s Premier League is the only football tournament to be held with spectators.


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