According to Ayurveda, know why the groom has to drink milk on euthanasia

According to India’s centuries-old tradition, on the first honeymoon of the wedding, the groom is given milk to drink, especially almond saffron milk. It has been practiced for centuries, which today’s generation also plays. But in spite of following this tradition, today’s generation will not know the reason for this. So let’s give you a reason for this today ….

Milk is considered a sacred drink among Hindus and marriage is also a sacred bond. In such a situation, people believe that milk is given only to fulfill this law of purity.

According to Ayurveda, there are some elements in milk that stimulate the reproductive cell. Due to these elements, milk is considered an aphrodisiac drink.

Apart from this, milk also contains elements that stimulate and control the body. Therefore, various types of herbs or other things like almonds, saffron, etc. are also mixed and given to the bride for drinking.

Milk also helps in making men sexually active. Actually, milk activates the reproductive system of the body and makes it sexually active.

To make honeymoon enjoyable and exciting, it is necessary to increase the hormone rate. Milk does the same thing. Milk is effective in increasing the hormone rate.

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