Republicans point fingers at blue states voting laws, Chauvin case latest and Holocaust survivors in new campaign


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Republicans doubling down on voting restrictions say some blue states have tougher laws. This morning we take a closer look at those claims. Also, why the case of Derek Chauvin could prove to be a tipping point and for a new campaign reminding elderly Holocaust survivors of the dangers of hate-spreading speech.

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Republicans, defending voting restrictions, bow to blue state whatout-ism

Matt Slocum / AP File

Republicans, under fire from Democrats and major corporations for their nationwide push for new limits on voting, are defending their proposals by pointing fingers at blue states with laws they say are worse.

Republican leaders said what they say is a double measure of Democrats and activists, who say the bill – and Georgia’s newly enacted sanctions, in particular – are trying to suppress the votes of the multinational coalition, which last year the president Which was Biden’s victory.

Some criticisms are valid: Many democratic states have outdated laws that limit access to ballots.

The difference is that many blue states are increasing to liberalize access to the ballot, while states like Georgia and Texas are actively moving in the other direction, political reporter Jane C. of NBC News. Timm writes.

Thursday’s top stories

Giles Mingasan / Getty Images File

Biden, ATF nominee to announce executive action on gun control

Responding to pressure from Democrats and gun control activists, the president is expected to announce a series of executive actions on gun control and designate a prominent gun control advocate to lead the ATF in Rose Garden on Thursday Do it By Lauren Egan and Sally Bronston | Read more

The ‘blue wall of silence’ is collapsing in the Derek Chauvin trial. Why this matter can be a tipping point.

This week’s scathing rebuke of a former Minneapolis police chief who was charged with the death of George Floyd was rare. Legal experts say the fact that his discovery testimony was joined by a string of other law enforcement officers is notable. By Janelle Griffith | Read more

It starts with words: Sensation needs a reminder in the world, there is an urge for awareness among survivors as to how the Holocaust began.

Fearing growing intolerance and ignorance of World War II atrocities among young people, the Holocaust survivors, the youngest of whom are now in their late 70s, are launching a new campaign of awareness. One survivor said, “75 years after the Holocaust, after the Holocaust, it’s time to remind people what they can do.” Many people turned to virtual events to continue sharing their stories during the epidemic, stating that the year of silence was “unimaginable”. By Rachel Alboum | Read more

INTO AMERICA PODCAST: Weight of bearing witness

Testimony continues at the trial of Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis psychologist who breaks down the long-term effects of racial trauma and may take steps to recover witnesses. By Trymaine Lee | Listen here

Burial but not forgotten: Unmarked mass is a silent symbol of Northern Ireland’s dark past

As Northern Ireland grapples with its history, a forensic archaeologist has made it his mission to research the mass graves marked where thousands of children are buried. “All people really want to do is to find their family,” Tony Maguire said. “It’s like a lost child. You can’t compromise until you know where they are.” By Matthew Symington | Read more

Better: How to Turn Your Daily Walk into a Workout – or a Meditation

Want to burn more calories or reduce stress in life under lockdown? Get more from your daily walk around the block with these tips. By Tiffany Ayuda | Read more

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