Myanmar’s ambassador to Britain locked out of embassy after opposing military coup


LONDON – Myanmar’s military has also faced quiet opposition from the country’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, due to mass demonstrations, global condemnation and sanctions after occupying power in February.

So on Wednesday they locked him out.

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Stud Curbside, wearing sneakers and waiting for his car in London’s upmarket Mayfair area, Ambassador Kyawar Zaver Mine told reporters he was forced out of his sub-embassy after refusing to accept Myanmar’s military junta Was.

“It’s a coup in the middle of London,” he told Reuters. “You can see that they have taken over my building.”

British police were guarding against the coup as a handful of protesters marched outside the embassy of the Southeast Asian country and lethal army strikes in the street outside.

Oosted Myanmar Ambassador to Britain Qawwa Zwar Min was seen outside the Myanmar Embassy in London on Thursday.Leon Neil / Getty Images

Kyr Zaver Min, who played a role in the British capital in 2013 and had previously worked in France, later issued a statement urging the British government not to recognize or employ any replacement for the military.

“The spokesman has been recalled by Myanmar’s military regime – since then he has stopped following Myanmar’s foreign ministry directives,” he said through his spokesman.

The ambassador said, “We are confident that the UK government will not return those who are working for the military junta and we will also urge the UK government to send them back.”

Kavav Jawar Min Broke ranks and called for elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi A statement will be issued On 8 March, Britain commended the ambassador for his “courage and patriotism”.

In a letter to the British Foreign Ministry of the Myanmar Embassy, ​​seen by Reuters, those in the embassy’s control said that Kawad Zawar Min was recalled on 9 March. Deputy Ambassador Chit Win took over by 7 April. The letter said.

The UK said on Thursday that it would no longer recognize Kawad Zavar Mine as ambassador, consistent with the protocol, now that the UK had issued a formal notification to the UK authorities for his expulsion.

NBC News has not verified the existence of the letter.

NBC News did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Myanmar’s London embassy or the country’s foreign ministry.

Like the United States, Britain has sanctioned members of Myanmar’s military and some of its business interests in the coup.

The UK Foreign Minister said, “We condemn the blatant actions of Myanmar’s military rule in London tomorrow, and I pay tribute to Qawwa Zawar Min.” Dominic Raab tweeted on Thursday. “The UK continues to call for an end to coup and horrific violence and a swift restoration of democracy.”

The military captured power on 1 February from Suu Kyi’s elected government, which is currently facing various charges.

Junta claimed that there were irregularities in the voting rolls for last November’s election, which was won by Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy Party in a landslide.

The country’s ambassador to the United Nations was fired in February when he delivered a sentimental speech in New York, declaring his allegiance to the overthrown civilian government and calling on the world not to pressure the military.

The United Nations, which has condemned the coup, said last month that its special envoys would try to visit the country in the coming weeks.

In Myanmar, anti-coup protesters have continued to protest despite a deadly attack by security forces.

According to the human rights group Aid for Political Inmates, the death toll has risen in recent weeks as many civilians, including more than 600 civilians, have been killed in clashes, many of them dead.

In the domestic media, at least 11 protesters died on Thursday.

In a speech to soldiers in the state’s media on Sunday, Senior General Min Aung Haling said that the security forces were “exercising extreme restraint” against armed rioters who were causing violence and chaos.

Over the weekend, Junior announced arrest warrants for more than 60 celebrities, social media influencers, models and musicians.

Reuters and Matteo Moshella has contributed.


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