Joji Star Fahd Fasil on Bollywood: It’s Happen When I Start Starting in Hindi


Malayalam actor Fahd Fasil’s new film Joji Has dropped on OTT. Although the National Award-winning actor has performed some commercially and critically successful films, Hindi films are still not on the immediate radar. “I need to be fluent with Hindi, and more than that, I need to think in Hindi,” Fahd tells IANS. Explanation of Joji Ending: Decoding the climax of Fahd Fasil-Dillesh Pathan’s Macbethian thriller (latest exclusive).

The actor who has been a part of the hit films Kumbhalangi Nights, Cu Soon, Super Deluxe And Athiran, Adds: “It’s not that I can’t speak Hindi. I can speak and understand Hindi, but I need to think in Hindi to improve a scene. When I work here (in Malayalam cinema) To go out I need to feel. Do more work. Until I get the language right, I don’t think (Bollywood Debut) will happen. ” Joji Movie Review: Fahd Fasil gave another shade of gray for Dalesh Pothan’s Macbethian Tale of Gray (latest exclusive).

Fahd’s film Thondimuthalam prakshyakshyayum Won three trophies at the 65th National Film Awards. In addition to the best Malayalam film and best screenplay for the film, Fahd won in the Best Supporting Actor category. The film is also a commercial success, although not a massive blockbuster. “I can’t complain. The film has been viewed by more people than I’ve ever expected. I never expected that the film would get such a wide audience at any point and I couldn’t complain. You don’t want any particular audience Don’t make films to cater to. It should go to Pan India or not. I basically don’t think so when I make films, “says the actor.

They have teamed up again Thondimuthalam prakshyakshyayum Director Dillesh Pathan for his recent release Joji The actor talks about how Dilesh watched the film and told him about his treatment of a Shakespeare-inspired film Macbeth

“Till here Before becoming director, he (Dilesh) was a trained actor. He was already familiar with the stage version of Macbeth. After becoming director he called me and said that he wanted to try a different one. This is not a direct adaptation, but is highly motivated. You will see something connected with emotions. It comes and goes. I think this is a very fresh one. I was excited about the altercation that he wanted to try and I love working with him, “told Fahad about his experience working in his latest film, which dropped on Amazon Prime.

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