GOP Rape Lee Zeldin announced race for Governor of New York


Washington – Rape. Zaldin announced on Thursday that he would run for governor of New York in 2022, becoming the first high-profile Republican to launch a challenge to embrace New York government’s Andrew Coumo.

Zeldin, 41, who has represented East Long Island since 2015, shared his decision on Fox News and posted on Twitter that to save his kingdom, “#CuomosGottaGo!”

“I will bring the kind of relentless, struggling spirit towards helping save our state that Quomo has deals, cover-ups, abuses and self-dealing for a multi-million dollar self-congratulatory book,” Zeldin tweeted .

“With the Day-Dame rule in NYC & Albany, the light that was a dark one for America can be dark,” said Zeldin, who stated that Cuomo is “on top of NY’s downfall.”

Top Democratic lawmakers last month called Cuomo to resign after several women accused him of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. Cuomo has welcomed the investigation into his claims and has repeatedly said that he has never touched anyone improperly and will not go down.

Allegations of sexual harassment are being investigated by the New York Attorney General’s Office and the state Legislative Assembly is investigating.

Zeldin also criticized Cuomo for handling his administration’s data about Kovid-19 nursing home deaths, saying he was part of a “long line of deadly nursing home orders and cover-up scandals, lies, and harassment” is.” Cuomo has abused the power and trust given to her and it is time for her to step out immediately. “

In February, the US Attorney and FBI in Brooklyn began a preliminary investigation into how Cuomo’s administration reported information about those deaths.

Zeldin’s announcement comes a day after Andrew Juliani, son of former New Zealand Mayor Rudy Giuliani, said he is considering a run for governor as a Republican.

Many Democrats are eyeing the Gutburn bids in light of the allegations against Cuomo; For example, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently denied a run.


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