Delhi High Court demands ban on all non-film songs on the Internet with pornographic content


New Delhi, 8 April: A petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court directing the formation of a body to screen and ban all non-film songs available on the internet containing pornographic / vulgar content with immediate effect.

The petition has also sought direction to constitute a regulatory authority / censor board to censor / review non-film songs, their songs and videos which are available to the general public through various media platforms like television, YouTube etc. And makes it mandatory. To obtain certificates of non-film songs before making such songs available in the public domain.

A bench of Justices DN Patel and Justice Jasmeet Singh on Wednesday issued notice to the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and postponed the hearing on May 17.

The petitioners — lawyers Neha Kapoor and Mohit Bhadu – said that if such material is not regulated, it would be like a retrograde approach, when our country is still striving towards gender equality and Women don’t mind and giving them a safe environment to live.

He further stated that such non-film songs incite people to mistreat women, motivate them and promote drug / alcohol abuse apart from other crimes that are clearly evident from their songs And it will have a wider impact on society, especially the youth, as they are exposed to it and are the most vulnerable to it at their tender age of learning.

“There is an urgent need for a regulatory authority and censor board to censor and review non-film songs, their songs and music videos for public listening and viewing on various platforms such as YouTube, Spotify,, Instagram and more. Sharing in society without any restriction has an adverse effect on the public, especially the youth, to incite women to be objectionable and embarrassing, and are against the women’s rights of a free and fair society, “the petition read .

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