Alcoholic hedging death of Ohio student decides to crash


TOLEDO, Ohio – A Bowling Green State University student died last month from an alcohol-related outcry.

The Lucas County Coroner’s Office announced Tuesday that 20-year-old Stone Foltz died of alcohol poisoning after the Hawking incident.

Stone Foltz.Courtesy Foltz Family

Officials have said that members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity gave bottles of liquor on March 4 and encouraged each to finish the entire bottle. They also included Foltz, who died three days later.

According to an attorney for Foltz’s parents, Foltz, a woman who had a major occupation, was found unconscious by a roommate, as members of the fraternity left her in her apartment. He was put on life support and died after his family donated an organ.

The university accused the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity of violating six rules, including harming others, hawking and obstructing orders or disregarding health and safety with alcohol. This placed the chapter under interim suspension.

University spokesman Alex Solis told The Toledo Blade that during a meeting Tuesday with school administrators, representatives of Pi Kappa Alpha “refused to proceed with the hearing” related to the allegations. He said that more information related to the exclusion of the hearing. Will be released later this week.

The university brought in former US Attorney David De Villiers to assist in the conduct investigation.

Foltz’s death prompted a renewed push for increased cold in Ohio. Two Republican state senators said in March that they would re-implement the alcohol-making proposal — and that it would cause serious harm to someone if there was any drug-related felony.


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