Alaa F on her mother Pooja Bedi: She is a very positive person


Alia F’s mother, actress Pooja Bedi, never spoke of sharing her thoughts. However, debutant actress Alaia F says that when it comes to sharing knowledge and experiences about the industry, there is always a positive conversation between her and her mother. She says when it comes to her mother, she has always been positive about her experience in the industry. Alaya F’s Vibrant Colorful Placid becomes a big thumbs up from us (see pics).

“An amazing thing is that he is a very positive person. He focuses on telling me something positive. If I ask about it, he will tell me anything I want to know. Most conversations related to the industry. Has been positive., “Alaya told IANS. She says that her mother never planned to become an actress. Alaya F revealed the Golden Life Lesson to Mama Pooja Bedi: If you get married before 30 then you are doing Stupidest Thing.

She says, “My mother never intended to become an actor. She never had a big dream of becoming an actor. She kind of fell into it. I don’t think her heart was with the industry when she came to him.” I had many problems. ” Meanwhile, the actress, who was seen in her film Youthful sweetheart, Recently starred in a music video called Aja sajeya. The song is written, composed and sung by Goldie Sohail.

“My film was released and the world went into lockdown, so I lost a year at the beginning of my career. Which is fine! I knew I wasn’t going to be super released anytime soon. When Puneet (Malhotra) came. For me, I saw no reason not to do it. I mean Manish Malhotra was doing my clothes and Mickey (the contractor) sir was going to do my makeup and he (Puneet) was directing it. The rest. Everybody was awesome in it. I was like let’s do the whole way! “She says.

In the music video, Alaia assumes the form of a young bride. “The concept is fun, young, new, trendy brides. It’s ridiculous because when I go to a wedding, instead of heels, I wear shoes or high sneakers because they’re more comfortable. I’m on a personal level. I belong to it. ” Loved it lively Youthful sweetheart Never found. In the film, I became pregnant, but never married. So here I am married! “She says.

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