#FBF: Ellis Jud is fully ready to star in Iyesa Goodman’s Young Adult Drama


Hollywood star and political activist Ashley Judd is all set to star in the upcoming YA drama # FBF, A film that takes place almost entirely on smartphones and computer screens. According to Variety, Ilyssa Goodman of a Cinderella Story Fame will direct the film with a screenplay she wrote with Ashley Peter from ‘The Morning Show’. Ashley Judd thanked her ‘Congolese Brothers and Sisters’ for their 55-hour rescue after suffering a leg injury in the Congo Rainforest.

# FBF The teenager will follow the story of Annie (Cree Cicchino), who accidentally takes her mother’s (Jude) laptop, instead of visiting her father in New Jersey. She soon realizes that the laptop is everything she needs for the day as her mother, to repair her parents’ wedding and encourage them to move back from Florida. Chad Hodge’s next title in Anita, in Ash Jude and Neil Patrick’s Star.

The format of the film is initially seen in films such as Searching Along with John Cho, the actors were allowed to film in their homes in Los Angeles, Nashville, Anaheim, New York, and other remote locations amid the epidemic.

In addition to Judd, the cast also includes Kelly Russell, Emily Skinner, Sierra Riley Wilson, David Barra, and Maria Canal-Barra.

The film will be produced by Timur Bekmabetov, Adam Sidman and Vicky Patella in Bajlews. The Maria Zatulovskaya Executive Crowd will feature executives with Neil Alleman, Hannah Pillmer, Tony Vasiliadis and Fernando Szew, along with Marvista Entertainment and Tomas Yankeliewicz, Peter Bevan, and Marianna Anjurjo.

By variety, # FBF Part of a multi-picture deal between MarVista and Particular Crowd. MarVista is handling the worldwide distribution of the film with Endeavor content outside of LATAM, where it will air on WarnerMedia platforms.

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