Nawazuddin Siddiqui: Always Held Punjabi Music Industry in High Regard


Nawazuddin Siddiqui is gearing up for his debut in a music video titled Baarish Ki Jaay featuring singer and film actor Sunanda Sharma. The actor says that he has always held the Punjabi music industry at a high level. He is making his debut with an industry that is diverse, authentic and prosperous. “It has been my secret yearning to feature in a non-film music video for a few years, but I never paid attention to the project I got on with. I echoed that character and the story well, Which was presented to me by ‘Rains’. Ki Jaye’s team, ”said Nawazuddin. Nawazuddin Siddiqui stars in B Prak’s new song ‘Barish Ki Jaay’.

He said: “I have always kept the Punjabi music industry at a high level and it is fantastic to make my debut with an industry that is so diverse, authentic and prosperous.” Nawazuddin said that the Punjabi music industry has developed rapidly over the years. “Now it would be inappropriate to refer to it as regional. There was a time when singers would occasionally feature in Bollywood tracks, but I think the roles have reversed now and actors are now being cast in music videos away from one . He understands its potential. In fact, it is a progressive time for the music industry. Jogira Sara Ra Ra director Kushan Nandi shares his feelings on being in touch with Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Neha Sharma during the lockdown.

The romantic ballads written by Jani and composed and sung by B. Prakash present themselves as an ode to people with special needs and a celebration of love beyond the disabled. Inspired by a true-life event, it subtly exposes superficial assumptions about racism and disabilities through its narrative. The music video depicts Nawazuddin as a charismatic dacoit who praises a mentally disabled handicapped girl essayed by Sunanda.

Talking about his co-star, Nawazuddin said: “Sunanda Sharma is not just an unprecedented singer, but she has great acting abilities and it was truly such an enjoyable experience.” Commenting on the single, Sunanda said: “Over the years, I have been involved with a lot of charitable organizations, and some of them work with people with disabilities. During my involvement, I have been working for an equal real-life private Was. The story depicted in the track. “

“Each of us has our unique gifts and is a celebration of single abilities and to know that love and affection are not guided by any attractor. When we look beyond the disabled, individuals with special needs contribute to society Can, ”she said. The single is released on 27 March.

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