Michael Facebender talking to star in the Netflix adaptation of The Killer of David Fincher


Oscar-nominated director David Fincher, who recently partnered with Netflix for his acclaimed biopic Manc, has reunited with the streaming service for the title of his next feature film murderer. According to Variety, Michael Facebender is in talks to act in an upcoming killer drama. Andrew Kevin Walker, who has collaborated with Fincher on ‘C7’, ‘Fight Club’ and ‘The Game’, is writing the script for the upcoming film. Mank Review: David Fincher’s biographical drama star Gary Oldman is a winner among critics!

Sean Chaffin will serve as producer for the film, focusing on a cold-blooded killer who begins to develop a conscience, causing him to crack emotionally. The story is based on a graphic novel by Alexis Nolant. In November, Fincher signed a four-year film deal with Netflix. ‘Manc’, a black-and-white drama that attempts to end the screenplay of classic screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz’s Orson Welles classic ‘Citizen Kane’, was released late last year and widely regarded as a precursor to the Oscars went. David Finch Birthday: 5 Best Movies From Fight Club to Gone Girl – Must-Watch!

Mank marked Fincher’s first directorial effort since the 2014 psychological thriller ‘Gone Girl’. In between, the Fincher executive produced and directed the Netflix TV series ‘Mindhunter’, starring Jonathan Groff in the FBI crime drama.


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