Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi, Naye Kissey: From Cast to Broadcast Time, All You Need to Know About Unknown Shrivastav, Bharti Achrekar’s All TV Shows


RK Laxman’s original show Wagle’s world, A slice-of-life serial that was popular in the 80s, is finally a new version of itself. The show revolving around the story of ‘Aam Aadmi’ was well received by the audience then and it seems that the new version is also getting such response. Critics have praised the plot, the actors and the show’s creators who relive the memories of the original Wagle’s world Chain. New ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ An Indifferent Trip Down Memory Lane: Usha Laxman.

Wagle’s world – Nayi Peedhi, new Kissey Has become a topic of discussion and everyone is only talking about how good the new show looks already. Starring Anjan Srivastava, Bharti Achrekar, Sumit Raghavan and Pariva Pranati, the show will revolve around how new characters face new sets of dilemmas in life and how they handle it. The show will also showcase the change in the life of the middle class in the country.

The story looks complicated and before the makers have aired its first episode, here’s what you need to know Wagle’s Duniya- Nayi Peedhi, the new Kissey.

What is the show about?

the story of Wagle’s world – Nayi Peedhi, new Kissey A person from an ordinary, middle-class family will walk around Rajesh Wagle. This character wishes for a better lifestyle for himself and his family but is very hesitant when it comes to taking risks. The character is skeptical about moving and evolving over time. The show will talk about the strong value system of the middle class and their daily lives and issues. After the circus, Shahrukh Khan’s Dosra only returns to the set on Doordarshan: Here’s what you need to know about the show.

Show cast

Anjan Srivastava and Bharti Achrekar will reprise their roles of Srinivas and Radhika Wagle for the show. The new lead pair we will see in the show is Sumit Raghavan and Parinee Pranati. Sumit will be played by Srinivas’s son, who is married to Pranati’s character. Both will have children and Chinmayee Salvi and Sheehan Kapahi will play this role.

Usha Lakshman, daughter-in-law of RK Laxman, said that she initiated a number of initiatives to carry on the legacy and one of them was to bring back the popular show for the new generation. According to Usha Laxman, the new series is a tribute to the legend of R K Laxman. The series airs on Sony-SAB from 9 am Monday-Friday and can also be streamed on the Sony Live app.

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