The video shows the Baton Rouge officer putting an arm around a black teenager’s neck


The Baton Rouge Police Department video is investigating an arrest caught Sunday that shows an officer wrapping his arm around a black teen’s throat.

Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome said in a statement that the 13-year-old incident is “related to an encounter” that warrants a “speedy, transparent review”.

He and Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul have reviewed the footage, but have not decided on disciplinary action for the officer seen in the footage, Broome said during a news conference on Monday.

According to Paul, officers responded to a turbulent call on Sunday and were able to defuse the situation. There was no arrest at that time.

About an hour later, officers were called to the same place where they took the two teenagers into custody. One police officer’s battery was charged, while another was released to a parent, according to police.

In a video shared on Twitter on Sunday, an officer is seen pinning a 13-year-old man with his neck around his neck as the crowd urges him to get off the boy. Someone shouts repeatedly, “You are choking him!”

The footage shows the officer loosening his hold before placing his hand on the child’s back.

NBC News does not know what has happened before or since in the video and officials have not released the officer’s name.

Betton Rouge Police Union and the child’s family lawyer Ron Healy did not respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

Haley told the local newspaper The Advocate that the teenager was released from juvenile custody Sunday night.

He called on authorities to release body camera footage, which Broome said will be made available to the family on Monday. Paul said the mayor’s office and police department were also publicly seeking court permission to release body camera footage, as a minor is involved in the incident.

According to The Advocate, Haley said in a statement, “I appreciate the swift response to the promises made by Mayor Broome and Chief Paul. However, many times in our community we clearly see police misconduct as rampant and unaffected Huh.”

“No unarmed child should be cheated by a police officer,” Haley said.


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