Sanjay Suri: OTT has told about some democratization of stardom


Actor Sanjay Suri feels that the arrival of OTT has changed the dynamics of star power in Bollywood, as the stage has made the material as a star important. Suri’s latest outing is the web series Dev DD2. “OTT has brought about a certain democratization of stardom. There may be an early spike in Bollywood film on the web, but if it doesn’t catch on, the dropout is quick and it spreads a lot.” with speed. At the box office, you are catering to the audience who paid for the ticket. Also, going to the theater for film is also like a stampede opportunity, but not OTT. Pathan, Prithviraj, 83, Bel Bottom, RRR – Why were the heroic release dates announced in a hasty man? Here’s what we found! (Latest special).

Looking at something on OTT, you’re in your pajamas, and if a certain film or series doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll skip it, even if it has the biggest star of the century, “says Sanjay.” Once viewers go on OTT for a show, they rarely return. “This is also dangerous, because audiences slip too fast for OTT. If you lose your audience, it’s hard to get them back. So, if someone is watching a show, they get a message or online. If you start shopping, you’ve lost it. Mahesh Manjrekar: I would not like OTT censorship but there are some people who really benefit.

The dropout rate on OTT is large. This happens to me too. It takes me five to seven minutes to see what I want to see and then I don’t want to see until the end! Cinema happens on the first day, the first show and so you want to catch the film first but it’s not true on OTT, “he says. Sanjay is excited about his series Dev DD season two and is confident that the series is liked. Will be done.” The first season appeared a while ago and performed well, and the story goes very systematically into season two. Dev DD conceived the vicissitudes of gender with Sara Chandra Chattopadhyay’s classic Devdas – Devdas becomes Devika, Paro is Paro while Chandramukhi is Anurag, played by Sanjay Suri. .

“The character’s name is Anurag and he had just resumed. Earlier, he was busy with his career and had shut down his emotional side. Then Devika takes a breath of fresh air and brings color to her life.” But realizes that this will lead him into a conflicted situation. The season begins with that conflict and he also realizes that he is his close friend. There is an age gap but they get on well And care. It’s like meeting the right person in the wrong. Time, “he says.

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