Review of Teddy Trailer: Arya’s action avatar and her comadurya with Talking Toy are impressive (see video)


The much awaited trailer of Arya’s upcoming film Teddy Is finally out. The trailer is full of action and viewers are liking Superstar Fight Crime with the talking teddy in the trailer. The film is directed by Shakti Dhwnir Rajan, who is often seen drawing inspiration from Hollywood films for his films, perhaps doing something similar for this film as well. Teddy It can be said along the lines of director Seth MacFarlane Ted The film franchise and we are sure that the audience cannot wait to see what the team has to offer.

The trailer initially establishes that some kind of crime is happening and the bodies are being used incorrectly in a coma. We get a glimpse of some ambulances and a hospital and then enter our hero, who is fighting this system. Arya looks stunning in the first few glimpses and offers enough action-packed scenes to get the audience excited for the film.

Includes Teddy who is a witness to all these crimes. The bad guys try to eliminate him and all the evidence that proves that the hospital is deliberately putting everyone in a coma. Arya and Teddy try to fight them. We are then introduced to Sundar Saisha, who helps her fight the villains. All in all, the trailer is quite intriguing and viewers will be forced to think about what will happen in the story ahead. The trailer is quite entertaining and the background music makes the trailer even more thrilling.

Watch the trailer here:

Teddy Satish and Sakshi Aggarwal also play supporting roles. Produced by Kei Gnanavel Raja under the banner of Studio Green, the film will release directly on the OTT platform next month. Teddy Streaming will begin on Disney Plus Hotstar from March 12.

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