Love Movie Ending Xplane: Decoding, Confusing, Completed Climax of Shine Tom Chacko, Rajisha Vijayan’s Malayalam Film on Netflix (SPOILER ALERT)


Malayalam director Khalid Rehman, who won our hearts Anurag Karikin Vellam And Unda, Has come out with his new direction, The love, That is as complex as the meaning of its title. After a slightly dramatic run, The love Has been released on Netflix, where the film talks among audiences about its complex narrative, themes of domestic violence, and the mystery of the mystery. Starring Shine Tom Chacko and Rajisha Vijayan in lead roles The love They have a couple, whose marriage comes under scrutiny after an ugly location. While Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom is not the first film to be shot during Pandemic, Malayalam Writer reminds everyone of love and Sew Soon.

(Vishal sons AHEAD) If you have seen the film, you know that The love Doesn’t spell easy things for you. To give an account of what the film is about, wife Deepti (Rajisha) learns a few life-changes at the beginning of the film. She later goes to her home, where she quarrels with her husband Anoop (Shine), who first ignores her message on her phone and is playing video games when she arrives. Although we do not know what they are fighting for – this scene mutes their words – it becomes offensive by the minute, resulting in bloodshed.

Rajish Vijayan and Shine Tom Chacko in love

Deepti has died. Anoop, annoyed and shocked at what he did, tries to hide the body in his bathroom when a friend (Gokulan) rings after ringing the bell several times. He has marital problems of his own. Soon another friend (Sudhi Koppa) arrives at Anoop’s bedroom with his girlfriend (Veena Nandakumar) for a sex session. We learn that both are married to other people. It comes to a point that the two friends see that their marriages are on the verge of breaking up, and Anoop tells them about the corpse in the room. Here the doorbell rang for the third time. From the Kumbhalangi Nights of Fahad Fasil to the style of Mammootty, 7 Malayalam movies of 2019, if you want a break from Bollywood masala!

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Inexplicably, the scene is reset and Anoop is confused to see a living Brilli going inside, while his ‘friends’ have disappeared. Deepti reveals that she is pregnant, and also reveals that she knows that she has an affair with a married woman. In the ensuing argument, Anoop stabs him once again, this time with an electric iron. He is dead, again, and Anoop tries to escape.

In the final scene, his car is seen driving during the night when he is stopped by the police. To our surprise, it is Deepti who is driving the car. She tells the police that she killed her husband, and when the police opened the boot of the car, they found Anoop’s corpse there.

So what happened here? How was the scene reset? How was Deepti murdered twice and still managed to return alive? How did Anoop die? Khalid Rehman is not in the mood to give an easy answer, despite the intimate set of his story (most of the film is set within a flat). But can we correct our estimates here?

Our thoughts

It seems that Khalid Rahman is influenced by the works of David Lynch Mulholland drive And lost Highway, And also Martin Scorsese Christ’s Last Temptation. To better understand the climax, we need to understand what came before, especially Anup’s ‘friend’, Reset and the double murder.

Gokulan and Sudhi Koppa in love

Now we can assume that both of his friends, who remained anonymous the whole time, are an expression of Anoop’s mental trauma. The scene is already hinted at when Anoop imagines his bathroom walls collapsing after killing his wife.

Gokulan’s character represents a violent hunting complex for Anoop. He is first seen committing suicide in what he believes to be his wife’s affair with his friend Shelby, and later becomes a sociopath who is ready to murder this Shelby, and blame Deepti’s murder on her. Applies.

In the second confrontation scene between Anoop and Deepti, Anoop accuses Deepti of having an affair with Shelby (voiced by Sunny Wayne), although the claim seems empty. It is that, after his own actual extramarital affair, Anoop wanted to play the role of a victim to avoid the situation and tried to blame his wife. Gokulan unleashes the character’s temper that kills Deepti, her life-threatening anger.

Now let’s talk about another friend character played by Sudhi Koppa. He represents the crime for Anoop. What happens to her, what has happened to Anoop also in the context of her relationship with two women. While this friend is anonymous, her boyfriend is not. Which means that Anoop’s girl is the same girl, Harita especially Deepti also mentions her boyfriend being husband and child, and Harita also shares details of the same family.

Sudhi Koppa and Veena Nandkumar in love

Anoop is trying to reason with his friends, is he trying to work with his wife himself. But he fails to do so, just as he fails to evict his friends from his flat (which I believe is his own mind).

When two ‘friends’ lose their wife’s murder to help Anoop (one of them reluctantly), it points to the possibility of Anoop imagining the entire scenario when he encounters Deepti. is. Dizzy, and he was determined to kill his wife. This may also explain why there was no dialogue between the couple during the first fight scene, as there was no talk. Anoop was just trying to process what would happen next if he killed her.

Rajish Vijayan and Shine Tom Chacko in love

As the thought of killing his wife may be, the message he sent her before coming to the flat. He may suspect that he had a clue to his affair, so his mind might have gone on overdrive. He is a violent man who is already set in his scene with Deepti’s father (Johnny Anthony), when he does not deny that he has indulged in domestic violence.

When they fight a second time, we hear their reasoning properly this time, as well as the details. Anoop still in two minds, it is a murderous (Gokulan’s character) who is in control, which results in him killing his wife again. Or something he was about to do.

This entire above-mentioned scenario can reprise Anoop’s own dying moments when he falls into Deepti’s car. What would he have done if he had chosen to hear his murderous side instead of the disputed side. Or maybe, it was Deepti imagining the whole scenario herself, trying to mentally acquit herself to kill her husband in his affair.

Rajish Vijayan in love

We can take one of that choice, or perhaps think of another one – Rahman’s story is filled with layers that open up more for each viewing. But in the end, it is simply the destruction of a marriage that begins with the premise of love, and ends when the feeling disappears (rather murderously). If it’s still not clear, The love Deepti began her pregnancy lessons – a symbol of her love – and driving with her husband’s body. What a horror it can seem in a crumbling wedding more than this!

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